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Thursday, 4 July 2013


There are some people who have an obsession. Obsession of food. They don’t care what it is, how it’s made or what ingredients it contains. They just love having something to eat all the time. There is almost no regard of calories or fats that plague them or make them feel the need to be cautious in what they eat because that’s how they roll. They are foodies and they love food in all it is natural and cooked glory. I claim to be a foodie too but let me tell you that there are different kinds of foodies.
There are those who just eat, eat and eat because they feel it’s a necessary job that they were specifically sent on earth to do. They will eat just about anything, as long as it has a taste that appeals to their taste buds. Then there are those who love eating but they have a different approach towards their food. They will want to make sure that it is cooked right, that its ingredients are all fresh and clean and that the cooking place it’s cooked in, is a clean domain.

They will eat but with care. But they love food nonetheless and that’s for sure. I am one of those. The ones who will want to make sure their food is cooked right and in a clean place but that doesn't mean I’m a freak with the minute details. In general it is implied that a foodie will definitely have more weight than the average normal person because well, that’s how they roll. Eating is their passion and obsession. But here I am, a foodie and not even the size of a normal human. In fact skinny and underweight will be an adept term for my size.

Eating is something I love but what they see is someone who probably under nourishes herself and that’s just fine. After all I look anorexic yet eat everything I want to.