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Friday, 1 July 2011

Another hole in the ear.


Are you one of those people who stare at the tiny tiny tiddy tiddy beggar girls who have their ears pierced all the way to their hair? Or are you one of those who wonder 'kaan chhidanay k pesay hain, roti k nahi'?

Well, I have my own special category.

Sympathy ki. Yes, I 'sympathize' with their condition. Yes, I know what your dubious expression is begging to ask. "have you lost it?". Its okay. I hear that a lot. (H). I sympathize because Very recently I went through what those tiddy piddy girls on the street go through.

Pain. In the ear.

/dances/ YES! I got another piercing. But wait. Let me narrate the zalim jewelry walay ki kaar-kardagi.

This jewelry wala I got my ears pierced resides in Toba Tek Singh, so IF my kaan is successful and IF you are impressed with his.. er. piercing-ability then you'll have to travel some 1199 km. But oh well, Karachi is full of such jadoogars too.

Khair, I entered the small glittering shop. Uncle Jeweler straightened up and smiled his dazzling smile. He recognized me [small town Toba ;)] My cousin stealthily told him, 'kaan chhidwana hai iss nay, doosra wala'. Now, Honestly i was expecting a 'OH MY GOD' or 'Haye Khudaya' or 'Dimagh mein to chhaid ni hai?' kinda response but, no, tsk, No, the Jeweler uncle was at ease.

He gave a marker to my cousin who quickly made two tiny specks on my ears. I was dazzling my teeth in overflowing happiness and overly wide bateesi when i saw The Weapon. A gun. Yes, it was a gun.

The Uncle placed it on my ear. Mere to mu mein jo Ayat ya Surah aai, I started reciting it. Kia Durud tou kia wazeefay. Eyes tight closed at the prospect of pain.

Stop smiling, dear reader. You have No idea how much a tiny prick-of-a-needle in the ear hurts.

Khair, dukhi dukhi, eyes tight shut, lips tightly pursed, hands clamped and sweaty, legs shaking, tears streaming, I let my ear get shot by this ear-pistol. 'Beta dard to hota hi nai hai!' Uncle constantly said to console my dying-with-pain heart. I stared at his face, and wondered angrily, 'Khud nay to KAHIN kuch pierce nai kiya hai, mujhe dard ki dastan ka bta ray hain', and then continued to cry over my small hole-of-a-piece of flesh lost.

The jeweler uncle, I later noticed, had plucked in a small golden stud in my piercing. I fondled it and I liked the shiny shimmy tiny thing.

C'est minnon. [They are cute] 

 Till two days of my shiny gold ears, I was at complete ease. Then the totkays and the zaalim samaaj's aazmooda tips and tricks to heal the wound were experimented on me. I heard TONS from my khalas, mamis, elder-shadi-shuda cousins.. Poor me, confused, i let it be.

But like they say, Punjabi tik-tay nai hain. It was one tiny tiny whiny complain in the morning today. "mumma bahut pain hora hai" Ab mein thehri zara ziada hi emotional, my mumma doubles that. Immediately got a neem ka tinka and within seconds of unbearable pain and excruciating agony, I had two tiny black ugly tinkas in my ears. Reason? Zakham sookhta hai iss tarah.

Look closely to discover the ear piercings =)
So yes. Now I am in complete understanding with the tiny tiddy beggar girls and their million dhagas and tinkas in their ears.

I know it is weird thinking this way about them. But, they go through a lot of pain. Every surakh in the ear is killing. Every flesh piece lost is painful.

So, my salute to these million girls who get their ears pierced all the way to the top.

Girls, Be strong. =) 

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