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Monday, 3 October 2011



Yes, well, that is the exact response I got from a girl when I replied to her probing questions about my online life. No, I hadn’t answered that I was creating a website that would kill every tenth user, nor was I planning on taking over MSN for that matter. I had merely told her: 
‘I am not on facebook’.

So, what is this CRAZYY hype about it anyway? I WAS on facebook. Period.

The fact that people probe sooo deeply in one’s personal online life is under rated. Heavily dude. Now, considering that an online life IS personal [word consideration used only for those people who think otherwise! -.-] why is the world So confident in asking WHY you aren’t on facebook? If I had asked the same person, OH MY GAWWWWDDD!! ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN!? subsequent to a question relating to her prospective husband or current suitor… I would probably have been labeled as a ‘creep’, ‘curious cat’, ‘interference ki daadi maa’, ‘nosy aunty’ and WHAT NOT!

But no, there is this annoyingly true unwritten rule that the online life is on-the-line for everyone to stalk, probe, like, question, hate etc. Because, its facebook only dewdd!

I would like to question these dewds, why would you want to know if I am on facebook or not? Especially when you are SURE that I would never make the mistake of clicking on ‘confirm’ to your umpteenth friend request. I mean, I am sure you and I would HARDLY exchange any ‘omg hiiii’ or detailed life stories on our *inboxing*, so the point of our friendship on FB is probably fake right?

Khair. I can rant about this for hours and hours.

The point of this small thing is that SO WHAT is someone is NOT on facebook? Why have people started judging their peers etc on the basis of their online presence? Why is the fact that someone who is not comfortable in that oh-so-magical-arena­ not digestible? Why do people label the non-facebookers as haye becharay introverts’, ‘becharay’, ‘allowed nahi hoga’, ‘probably have a psychological issue of non-socializing’ or ‘weird person mannn!

The truth maybe…:
The non facebooker probably had a BAD stalker.

The non facebooker probably had TONS to study.

Or the non facebooker probably got tired of staring at pouted pictures and poses against parked BMWs.

The non facebooker maybe had a family. You know, the REAL kind? Where there is usually one mother and one father, no not the 5 moms and 6 dads facebook walay. Real human beings. Homo sapiens. Jeetay jaagtay.

OR maybe, the non facebooker actually has a REAL life. Life outside answering ‘whats on your mind’ everytime you open the browser. Life outside 398 friends when the non facebooker only hung out with 7-8 of them. Life outside a page FULL of other people’s life stories.

Or maybe, just a normal life. Like it used to be

So to all those dewwdds kindly stop probing in our personal lives, yes beta, the online life IS personal. Unless you don’t mind me asking how YOU felt when your mum spanked you with a jharoo and the intricate details of that incident, feel free. You would know my answer anyways. J

.>Disclaimer< This is a mere expression of personal experiences and responses and in no way attempts to jeopardize the goodwill of Facebook. <Tada-bliiiing>

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  1. love the way you wrote this. =) especially the end.