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Monday, 7 November 2011

Succumb Pain.

A hard drink wont cut the pain you hold inside,
Sleep is yet another vain attempt you might try,
Mutilation only leaves scars of pain behind,
The pain is a shadow, always following, Bear that in mind.

The cries and echoes will scream in your ears,
Blurred images will materialize momentarily,
You will have no idea where to go; your presence will add to your fears,
Insomnia will breathe in and out, your rest shredded by shears.

Does your hand shiver at a mere touch?
Do you cringe at the memories you lived so much?
Tears never drain out any emotion ever,
The reminiscence only becomes stronger, lasting forever.

How can you even try to forget the past?
It chases hard, as if spells of gloom were cast.

The memories of love over rule the pain,
So you’d sit in gloom and feed on that feeling of drain,
Never had you thought of being in this trench,
Alone you are now, crowded is the audience, and you on your loneliness bench.

This hollow cavity pulls you deeper,
How cunning it is you ask? Steeper, mate, very steeper.
This punctured heart will never heal,
And for the things you’ve been through, trust me, it takes good guts to feel.


  1. Excellent, and amazing work!

  2. Yeah I'll have to recommend this to my friends via social networks! I'm amazed

    1. Thank you so much! Truly pleased, anonymous reader :D <3