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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Why did I grow up?

I still remember locking myself in my mom’s room and applying blush on with her pink Revlon lipstick. There were times when I would try on her shoes. High-heeled and glossy. That particular epoch when a chilled glass of Tang would be ready in the kitchen when I’d come back from school. Uniforms ironed, the smudged-with-dirt tees all washed clean.

But now, the world is big. Like Really big. And there have been milliards of times when I have asked myself, WHY did I grow up? Growing up is natural, but ugly too. One is exposed to SO much. The lies, the back stabbings, the bffs breaking up, the drug abuse in the very vicinity one lives in, the psychopaths who kidnap and rape little children, the coffee becoming a favourite beverage. Tsk. All heavy stuff, dude.

The life of a grown up is SO huge. Grown up people eat sabzi k salan shawq say. Grown up people smoke. Grown up people enjoy lounging around watching sitcoms all day. Grown up people stick to their laptops all day and night. Grown up people watch news. Grown up people cannot eat candy as much as kids can. Grown up people are afraid of bruising themselves; while the kids are ever ready to take a dive-catch.

Now, grown ups feel the need to comment and compliment on anything and everything they see/hear.
“I really like the music of Selena Gomez”
Adult person’s comment: ‘She’s going out with that Bieber Kid, her music sucks’
Newscaster: “The media has reached the flood-affected areas”
Adult person’s comment: “haan, ab pani bhaag jaye ga na jesay

I could pen down milliards more of such bizarre comments but there has to be some balance.
And do Not take this entry as a lashing session for the poor adults. One day all go through that painful ‘I’m old’ phase. But isn’t it eerie how the adults seem so so so mind-numbing and lacklustre if you look from the eyes of a kid? It is. Yes, I get it, stop nodding.

Well, I am grown up. Everyone is. And to the grown up people, the kids of today looks squeamish while they themselves are the Bluto of the world.

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