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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Writer's Block

Writing comes naturally to people and that word ‘naturally’ also encompasses the world of ‘inspiration’. Well, these days, the awful beast I-e the WRITERS BLOCK is ruling the naturalism I may possess in relevance to writing.

Being an observant keera, I make sure nothing goes amiss from my eye. I make sure that I capture everything. Every moment I secure, if not in my hard disk via a click of a camera, then a deep stare and a later-on-hard-contemplation so as to certify its presence in my gray matter.

But today, nothing, I repeat NOTHING is glued to my gray matter. I tell you, it is a war between the two. Sadly the WB party seems to be scoring sixes and fours. These days, redundant topics rule my head. Interesting stuff seems to be allergic to my thought processes.

Writer’s block is a bug which bugs everyone at one point of their lives or another. Mine being repeatedly at the time when I have to write and submit something sensible.  

Writer’s block is... Enough said. I HAVE the writer’s block, you know.

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